Is CBD Addictive?

Is CBD Addictive? Introduction to CBD It is evident that some studies have suggested that the heavy use of cannabis (with a high THC content) can increase the risk of…

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CBD oils aromatherapy

Aromatherapy and CBD

Aromatherapy and CBD Aromatherapy is a holistic alternative that dates back to thousands of years, where herbal blends are formulated to provide aromatic compounds for therapeutic purposes. Essentials oils can…

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Buy safe CBD Oil Canada

CBD Safety

CBD Safety: Benefits and Level of Risks Read Time: 5 minutes In our previous article, CBD 101, we gave the brief conclusion that trying CBD is still an experimental undertaking,…

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CBD Online Canada

CBD Jargon

CBD Jargon Read Time: 4 minutes The goal of this article is to provide a quick reference for understanding some of the common jargon that I’ve come across in learning…

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Cbd Capsules Canada

CBD 101

CBD: Everything You Need to Know Read Time: 5 minutes Since the mid-2010s, CBD products have come into the spotlight as a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals for pain relief, anxiety,…

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