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CBD + CBN Sleep E Liquid 3:1 Ratio 900mg CBD 100mg CBN (60ml)

$83.99 CAD

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$83.99 CAD

The CBD2GO Sleep E Liquid has a 3:1 ratio of CBD and CBN isolates that has a total concentration of 1000mg (900mg CBD: 100mg CBN). The CBD and CBN are infused in an USP Grade PG (Proplyene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) for smooth and clean vaping. There are no other preservatives or additional oils in the vape juice which makes it as pure as possible to offer you the most refined vape juice to get your daily CBD and CBN intake.

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CBD ProfileTerpene ProfileIngredientsCBD ConcentrationDirectionsCertificate of analysis (COA)
CBD and CBN Vape Juice
Hemp-derived Pure CBD Isolate
Hemp-derived CBN Isolate
0% THC Content
PG:VG 40:60
Terpene — % mg/g
β-Myrcene — 1.06% 10.59 mg/g
α-Pinene — 0.94% 9.35 mg/g
Terpinolene — 0.22% 2.24 mg/g
β-Pinene — 0.21% 2.06 mg/g
γ-Terpinene — 0.10% 1.04 mg/g
β-Caryophyllene — 0.06% 0.63 mg/g
δ-3-Carene — 0.05% 0.50 mg/g
α-Humulene — 0.05% 0.48 mg/g
Eucalyptol — 0.04% 0.43 mg/g
Isopulegol — 0.04% 0.37 mg/g
cis-Nerolidol — 0.03% 0.34 mg/g
Borneol — 0.03% 0.25 mg/g
δ-Limonene — 0.02% 0.22 mg/g
Camphene — 0.02% 0.20 mg/g
α-Bisabolol — 0.02% 0.17 mg/g
p-Cymene — 0.02% 0.15 mg/g
Ocimene — 0.01% 0.14 mg/g
α-Terpinene — 0.01% 0.10 mg/g
trans-Nerolidol — 0.01% 0.08 mg/g
Geraniol — 0.01% 0.07 mg/g
Linalool — 0.01% 0.07 mg/g
Guaiol — 0.01% 0.05 mg/g
Hemp-derived CBD Isolate
Hemp-derived CBN Isolate
USP Grade Propylene Glycol
USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin  
Per bottle (60ml) – 1000mg of CBD and CBN
3:1 Ratio – 900mg CBD : 100mg CBN  
Shake well before use.
Use up to 3 times per day by filling cartridge of vaping hardware, heating and smoke.
Store in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. 

CBD Isolate:

CBN Isolate:


Who should be using this product? 

The Sleep E Liquid is ideal for those who suffer from brain fog and trouble sleeping. This vape juice is to be used right before bed to help calm the mind and body to help you get a good night’s sleep. 

What does this product help with? 

Using the Sleep vape juice will help to reduce anxiety and calm the mind and body. When using CBD and CBN together, they provide effects that help improve mental clarity so you can get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.  

How does pure CBD isolate work? 

CBD isolate is a 99% pure crystalline powder that is extracted from organic, industrialized hemp stalks. CBD isolate contains zero THC or other cannabinoids and plant matter from the hemp plant. CBD isolate interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body which results in calming and relaxing effects. 

How does CBN isolate work? 

CBN isolate is a pure crystalline powder that is solely the cannabinoid CBN with zero THC or other cannabinoids. CBN isolate is extracted through a winterization process which turns it into a pure powder. CBN interacts directly with the endocannabinoid system which offers a variety of health benefits. 

When should I use this product? 

Be sure to use this product daily and consistently for ideal results. It is recommended to use this vape juice before bed as it will cause drowsiness – but always remember to start low and slow with your vaping. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mirella H

I also bought this vape juice for sleep and really does this trick.

Nishil O

I have problems with my sleeping. This product really helps me to fall asleep.

Thomas W

Works very well and helps me to fall asleep. I have been having problems with sleep for years now and this is the only product that I see results!

Marco Demonte
Put me right to sleep

Wow does this product ever work! I used this product before bed and it really helps me to fall asleep. Now I use every day and the vape makes me feel way better than the sleep pills I have been taking. Thank you!

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