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Tips For Travelling With CBD Oil

Let’s say you are an avid user or advocate of marijuana or CBD products, and you can use your CBD in Canada freely. What if you want to continue to use your products in other countries like the USA, Canada, and most European countries? Is it safe to do so? In those countries, it is safe to say that majority of the local regions have legalized cannabis and CBD products, but what will it take for you to board the plane with your products before using them there? You might encounter a few obstacles first because using any cannabis or CBD products in a different country.

Where CBD oil stands Legally

If you live in a region where CBD products are legal, then it is safe to say that you are free to use those products medically and recreationally. For example, it is legal to possess and use CBD and cannabis products. Because of being familiar with the legalities in your own region, it is important to do your research before going to another country to make sure that the law is the same when it comes to the possession of CBD and cannabis products.

European Countries

Europe has many countries that allow people to carry CBD oil products. The only limitation is that the THC content must be strictly up to 0.2%. This means that traveling with hemp-derived CBD oils is completely safe because depending on the CBD, there are little to no traces of THC detected in these products.


In the US, all regulations circulating CBD are being handled by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The Farm Bill was passed in 2018 that made CBD federally legal to possess and grow. CBD products with 0.3% and less THC content are legal. Again, carrying hemp-derived CBD products are safe to possess and use in the USA. The only downfall of carrying cannabis or CBD products in the US is that not all states have the same views about them. It is highly recommended to do your research because travelling to a state does not condone CBD.

CBD Oil Canada

CBD oil in Canada seems to be the most lenient of all other countries. The legalization of cannabis across the country is very liberating for users and they are not even prohibiting the possession of CBD products with no restriction on THC content. It is completely safe to travel across Canada with CBD and cannabis so long as you are within their amounts of possession. For example, you can carry a month’s supply with you of CBD.

Tips for traveling with CBD Oil

Now that you understand the legalities in the above-mentioned countries, it is important to follow airport regulations when arriving and departing. Here are a couple of tips to keep you prepared when traveling with CBD oil:

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Bring Proof for CBD Oil that is hemp-derived

When CBD oil is derived from hemp, there are little to no traces of THC that are detectable in the product. If your bag gets checked and an airport official asks about the product, bringing paperwork for the product (packaging or a certificate of analysis) could help to prove that the CBD oil has less than 0.3% of THC. Always remember the main issue of concern is the THC content and since it is bulked in a category with meth and cocaine, for example, this is not something that should be taken lightly when traveling.

Do your Research About CBD Oil

Dig deeper into the national and regional policies, doing research on the specific location you are visiting. If you are staying in a hotel or visiting a tourist attraction, make sure they do not have any rules about possessing and using CBD oils.

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Follow the rules of the CBD Oil in Airport
Canada may have no restrictions on the THC content of a CBD product but that does not give you the freedom to overindulge in packing more than you can carry. Airports in different countries are not as lenient as in Canada so make sure you are reading their rules before arriving at your destination.

To sum up, what we discussed, countries like Europe, Canada, and the USA are becoming more familiar with CBD products. Each country has a different way of regulating these products and it is important to do your research before traveling. Traveling with hemp-derived CBD products could be your safest option because of the THC content. Always remember to be cautious when traveling with THC if you are not traveling within Canada.

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