CBD and sex drive (can CBD make sex better?)

There are many people who suffer from issues that do not allow them to have a pleasurable sex life. There are women who have conditions with their reproductive system that does not allow their sex life to be enjoyable and some are now relying on CBD to change their outlook on sex.

CBD lubricants are becoming more popular on the market and the reason for this is because they have anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic properties that make intercourse pain-free. CBD not only can be used as a lubricant but can be used in many other forms such as massage lotions, oral sprays, oils, and edibles. Let’s look at what you need to know about CBD and your sex life.

Can CBD help to improve sex?

Many people turn to CBD during sex for several reasons. One of the main reasons is pain from chronic conditions such as endometriosis. Other reasons CBD can be beneficial during sex include, increasing pleasure, easing stress and anxiety, and setting the right mood.

There are many cannabinoid receptors that can be found in the reproductive organs and sexual tissues. The cannabinoid receptors are connected to our endocannabinoid system which helps to regulate physiological functions in the entire body. CBD can increase the blood flow to tissues and as a result, will increase sensitivity and help to promote the body to create its own natural lubrication.

CBD can also help to bring on a form of relaxation for sex. Relaxing the muscles can help to reduce spasms and joint pain which can have sex feel more comfortable and calmer. When there is tension and pain associated with sex, it is hard to focus on the enjoyable aspect of sex and as a result this creates a negative experience. CBD can also help to work on brain function, clearing the mind and helping you to be present.

There was a recent survey conducted of 5,398 Americans in the Remedy Review, which is a website that focuses on CBD and natural health remedies, that stated about 9.3% of the respondents have taken CBD for sex. Most of those respondents have acknowledged that their orgasms were in fact more intense after taking CBD.

What the Science says about CBD and Sex

There is early research that has many people excited about its potential health benefits when it comes to sexuality. Many experts say that more studies are needed before any solid conclusions can be drawn. Some researchers note that the major factor in people being more attracted to CBD is the fact that it is non-psychoactive which gives a sense of comfort when using a CBD product. Researchers also point out that using products with THC in it has been studied for longer than CBD has and there is solid research that concludes that these products could be beneficial. Some can argue that because THC can be beneficial, so can CBD, and many people have had great experiences with using a CBD product so it may be the better alternative to THC.

Based on studies, using CBD with THC for sexual-related issues would be more beneficial than using CBD on its own. A full-spectrum CBD, for example, would be the type of CBD to be used in this case. Full-spectrum CBD has a variety of cannabinoids as well as traces of THC that would be working together in the body to provide effective results. Vaporizing full-spectrum CBD is one form of administering CBD products and one of the most effective as far as absorption goes. There are four stages of sexuality: libido, arousal, orgasm, and satisfaction. Full Spectrum CBD can help with every stage of sexuality.

Aside from the minimal studies being available, physicians are seeing positive results from their patients using CBD and THC for their sex life which provides anecdotal evidence that there is hope for using CBD as an alternative. Some physicians have had their own first-hand experience and believe in CBD products for improving their sex life, but the products need to be of high quality, have a high concentration, and need to be used properly for the best results.

What you need to know about starting to use CBD in the bedroom

If you are interested in experimenting with CBD in the bedroom, there are some factors to keep in mind to get the best out of your CBD experience.

CBD oil drops

Buying a good quality product

Do not just buy any kind of CBD product and hope for the best. Looking for a high-quality CBD product is important for many reasons. One of those reasons being its potency and purity. You want a product that says what it is. Always be aware that CBD can come from the hemp or cannabis plant. If you want traces of THC in your product, you will be purchasing a product derived from the cannabis plant. If you want to experiment with solely CBD, find a product that is hemp-derived instead. Find products that have third-party lab testing available that way you can look into what type of cannabinoids are found in the product and what the potency is. You want to get the best out of your dosing and if the product is not what it says it is, then you will not receive the full effectiveness that it could potentially offer.

Finding what dose is right for you

Depending on the type of administration being used can determine how much CBD can be right for you. Everyone absorbs CBD differently and that can be because of a variety of factors such as weight, medications, and lifestyle. For the best way to absorb your CBD, using CBD oils or vaping can be the most effective product. For sexuality, as mentioned before there is a ton of cannabinoid receptors in reproductive tissue so a topical lubricant can help to reduce the inflammation and instant pain relief.
Always remember to start low and slow with your dosing and work your way up from there. Journal your experience with CBD and monitor your side effects so you can tell where the dosing is working best.


Using CBD not just for the bedroom

CBD is known to not show instant, snap-of-the-finger results. It is important to build immunity to CBD in your system by taking it daily and consistently for long-term results. Even though you are taking CBD daily in any type of administration you choose, using a lubricant alongside your other CBD products will help to increase the enjoyment of your sexual activity. Try to take a CBD dose for 30 to 60 minutes before doing any sexual activity and then combine that with a lubricant for optimal results.


We have acknowledged that many people get great results from using CBD during sex. Everyone has different experiences and there are very few studies to support their experiences, but physicians are becoming more promising to refer their patients to use CBD. CBD has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which can help to have sex more enjoyable and pain-free. Many people suffer from sexual-related issues which can benefit from CBD. Always be sure to find good quality products and get your dosing right to get the best out of your CBD experience.

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