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My dog loves it and is working great

I've noticed some change

My Rescue dog Slicks has quite a bit of issues - My main concerns are acid reflux (stomach issues) and back pain. After the first few days of taking it she was rolling around on the floor showing me her belly which she has never done in the past before- she appears more happy and playful. She hasn't had any flair ups regarding her stomach since her last flair up but I am not sure that the CDB has helped that or not. I have changed a few things regarding her feeding so who knows.

Full Spectrum CBD + CBG Softgels 2100mg 2:5 Ratio
Valerie Dexter
Very helpful

One a day, keeps my anxiety and brain fog at bay. Wouldn’t want to not be able to get it anymore!

Highly recommended!

Highly recommend these capsules for anyone seeking natural relief. The combination of CBD and CBG offers a holistic approach to managing various ailments. Noticed improvements in my digestion and overall sense of well-being. So glad I gave these a try!

Great for daily wellness!

These capsules have become a staple in my routine. The 2:5 ratio provides a comprehensive approach to addressing my overall health needs. Noticed an increase in energy levels and a decrease in stress. Will continue to repurchase!

Impressed by the quality

Impressed by the quality and effectiveness of these capsules. As someone dealing with arthritis, I've tried numerous CBD products, but this one stands out. Noticed a significant reduction in joint pain and stiffness within days of starting these capsules. Grateful for the relief!

Finally found the perfect CBD product!

These capsules are potent yet gentle on my stomach. The combination of CBD and CBG works wonders for my anxiety and inflammation. Will definitely be buying again.

Game changer!

These capsules are a life-saver for managing my chronic pain. The 2:5 ratio of CBD to CBG provides a perfect balance for me. Noticed significant improvement in my mood and sleep patterns too. Highly recommend!

Balanced and Energized

I was initially skeptical about trying CBD products, but these Full Spectrum CBD + CBG Softgels have exceeded my expectations. Instead of feeling sluggish or tired, I've experienced a sense of balance and energy. They help me stay focused throughout the day, making it easier to navigate both work and personal responsibilities. It's impressive how a natural supplement can provide such a noticeable boost without any jitters or side effects. I'm definitely a fan!

Full spectrum cbd oil for dogs

This oil is helping my dog recover from a serious injury, thank you CBD2GO!!

Excellent customer service

I didn’t receive my order because I put the wrong address down. They kindly rechecked my address and sent it again.

Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil 2000mg

so far we are still working on it, I find it great so far do notice changes it body.


Was playing with the dosage to find the right level. But had to pull him off because vet put him on a prescription med for a few weeks.


Good product happy with it look for sales

Product and service

Hi- I have been quite pleased with 3 products I purchased. However I’m disappointed that on 3 occasions I have asked if I could get some empty carts but have not received an answer from you

I highly recommend them to anyone looking for natural stress relief!

I've struggled with stress and anxiety for years, always searching for a natural solution that actually works. That's when I discovered CBD + Ashwagandha Stress Relief Gummies, and let me tell you, they've been a game-changer for me. From the moment I tried them, I felt a sense of calm wash over me, and my worries seemed to melt away. These gummies have become an essential part of my daily routine, helping me navigate life's challenges with a newfound sense of ease.

CBD Isolate is a game-changer!

I've been using it for a few weeks now, and the effects are remarkable. It helps me relax after a stressful day and promotes better sleep. The purity of the isolate is evident, and I appreciate the convenience of the portable packaging. Highly recommend!


This product is excellent and will return to purchase in the future.

Coconut Pure CBD Oil Organic · 1000mg

My dog have the benefit!

Delivery is impressing! It also relevied my dogs from joint pain!

Cbd for pets

So far so good

Just started it

Not the best

Great Online Experience

An easy process: website was informative, detailed and well displayed, product description was greatly appreciated, pricing, ordering, processing and delivery were quick and easy.

Vraiment une excellente huile

Je prends 10 gouttes le matin et 10 gouttes le soir et c'est efficace pour enlever les douleurs de mon corps pour le moment. La livraison est rapide.

Cbd 2000

Excellent product. I called the company with a question, very pleased. Their response was quick and service was exceptional.